Data Policy

Data on this web interface have been collected and validated by the French Sea Surface Salinity Observation Service (SO-SSS).

The data are provided without any warranty for any non-profit educational and research purposes.

Publications using these data should acknowledge the SO-SSS and cite the following reference:
Alory G., T. Delcroix, P. Téchiné, D. Diverrès, D. Varillon, S. Cravatte, Y. Gouriou, J. Grelet, S. Jacquin, E. Kestenare, C. Maes, R. Morrow, J. Perrier, G. Reverdin and F. Roubaud, 2015. The French contribution to the Voluntary Observing Ships network of Sea Surface Salinity. Deep Sea Res., 105, 1-18, doi:10.1016/j.DSR.2015.08.005

Copies should be sent to the contact email (contact SSS) so that to help us pursue and improve this Service.

The suggested sentence is: “Sea surface salinity data derived from voluntary observing ships were collected, validated, archived, and made freely available by the French Sea Surface Salinity Observation Service (”.